How to use hex colors for /nick & /customsuffix

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    Hello, here is a simple tutorial on how to use the
    new 1.16 hex colors for /nick and /customsuffix!

    Format: &<hexcode>
    Example: &#00AAFFText

    This works for both /nick and /customsuffix but unlike /nick, /customsuffix
    only allows one color to be used! In addition to this update /nick no longer counts color codes
    in its length cap so you can even extend your already existing nicks with more colors!

    Gradient Colors:
    For gradient colors you can use an online grant generator then
    copy and paste each color code, you would like to use! I Personally recommend
    using [this] gradient generator as it allows you to pick two colors and a length. It does sadly only allow
    for two colors to be selected at a time so you may have to get creative or try another generator! You may also use [this] site which produces gradient mc text with up two four colors!
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