Open Numn's Mute Appeal, Repost

Discussion in 'Punishment Appeals' started by numn, Oct 13, 2020.

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    Aug 2, 2020
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    What is your current in-game name: numn
    Do you have any past in-game names: Blackstone39
    link to your previous appeal created: and
    When was this punishment issued: July 30th
    What is the current time length of your punishment: Permanent
    Why should you be unmuted: Since I have been muted for my actions for about a month it has taught me my lesson, I have truly learned action have consequences. I apologize for my actions and won't bother staff again or won't do anything that makes staff's job more difficult than it already is. As I am unmuted I can go back to helping the people of the PF community by bringing joy to others as I play with them and help them through their journey of peaceful farms.
    Any other information we should be known about: I'm very detected to the server as I come online every day and try to make the best of it while being muted.

    (My last post had been open for over a month without a response... Reposting)