Hello everyone!

I want to thank you guys for an awesome reset. We hit an amazing 55 players! A huge shoutout to our staff for being able to help and moderate this many players, and to our community for helping with all the issues that came about. The future looks bright for Peaceful Farms.

The shop is now open, but it is not complete. More items and features will be added in the future. In order to get your coupon for the money you spent in the old shop, please fill out this form so I know where to send the coupon. Also, we are accepting applications for builder, developer, and moderator -- please apply here!

I hope everyone is having a good time. As always, please keep staff members updated on any issues so we can fix them ASAP.
Hey everybody!

I'm glad that you guys are becoming involved in the decisions for the future of Peaceful Farms. Through your forum posts and replies, I have seen many good suggestions and plan on implementing them in the next version of the server.

Here is a screenshot of the results of the poll. While it was close, the decision to have a full reset took the lead by twenty votes. I want to thank everybody for contributing -- I never thought that it would get more than three hundred responses in less than a day. It really shows that you guys care about the future of the server, and because of that, I want to respect the community's opinions and only make changes that they approve of.

Many are confused on why a full reset would be good for the server, so let me explain. The point of the server is to rank-up and get the most money from farming. It's been a year since the last reset now and the competition has gone down -- players are simply farming the same farms and fighting the same bosses. A fresh start would bring many new features and would get players working to build new bases and farm systems, bringing the server to life. Players will once again be able to show their creativity on a new world with new quests and bosses in a later update. I completely understand that older members do not want to lose their progress, and I am still thinking of ideas to compensate them for all the time they've spent on the server in the past. I plan on releasing a download of the map for those that would like to save their builds and keep building (suggested by @DinoMonkey1001). If you have any other ideas on how to compensate, please create a suggestion post.

All player data will be reset -- this includes inventories, balances, unpaid ranks, mcMMO stats, claimable blocks, and ender chests. The only things that will remain are donator ranks and points. If you bought something in the old shop, like more claimable blocks, there will be a section on the forums where you will be credited if you provide proof of your purchase. Due to demand, I have decided to move up the reset date to Friday, January 5th at 10am Central time. If you have a question, suggestion, or comment about the reset, you can leave a reply to this announcement.

Thank you all for your feedback. I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for the new world!